Space Alone is a endless platform game where you play as an astronaut lost in space.

You need to avoid lasers and stay on the platforms. If you leave the screen or get hit by lasers you lose. BEWARE ! you're not a cat, you have only one life !

Tip : you can jump to one side of the screen and you'll appear from the other one. Magic right?

Controls :

Arrow Keys : move and jump

X : Dash

Criteria :

Retro : The graphics and music add a retro feel to the game.

Dash : Player can dash. If you dash through a laser, you won't be hit.

Laser beam : The main obstacle in the game. Two laser beams spawn randomly every now and then.

Arpeggio : the music is based on an arpeggio.


Font: Cave Story by enigmansmp1824(CC-BY-SA)

Code and Music by ParadigmGames (AhmedGuem)

Art by VVill

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