In Clown To The Rescue !, you play as a Clown whose goal is to spread happiness in the town. But the more people he makes happy, the more excited he becomes. Also, don't forget to pick the drinks, they can speed you up and help you avoid the pits more easily.


Arrows Keys : Movement

Enter Key : Start Game / Return to Main Menu when Dead


Endless Runner: Always move down the road towards the circus.
Happy: The goal of the game is to make people happy!

Hyperactive: Grab a quick drink of Clown Juice and move at 2x the speed! Higher speed = Higher mobility

Chiptune: Added some great chiptune effects with some great pixel graphics to match

AhmedGuem: Music, Programming
Zook: Graphics

Font : Cave Story by enigmansmp1824 CC-BY-SA

'Laugh' sound by OwlyVoices(CC BY 3.0) on

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